We have received many emails from our customers telling us how IamBigBrother has helped them monitor their family and even employees. Take a minute and read some of these stories.

I suspected my daughter was chatting with someone she was not allowed to talk to. So I installed IamBigBrother and found out I was right. This program is the greatest!
S. Cambell, New York

Because of my job, I'm not home until after 6pm so I have no idea what the kids are doing on the internet. A neighbor told me about IamBigBrother and said it was super.He was right - I can see everything my kids do while I'm not home.
(Name not given)

I own a small graphics design company and all my employees have internet access on their computer. I wanted to make sure no one was abusing it at work time so I installed IamBigBrother. It turns out one of my employees was doing graphics work on the side while on the job. I saw this by the emails the software captured and saved. Appreciate it!
Kevin D., Atlanta, GA