Who Am I?

I'm just a guy who can both understand computers and talk to people.
I have two active teenagers and one "tweenager".
My fiancee and I are planning our wedding.
I understand your time.
I understand your priorities.

If your computer is dead, I can revive it, or at least save what's on it.
If you think your computer is too slow, you're right. I can make it faster.
If you think that there should be a better way to work, there probably is.
I can automate tasks in Excel, Word and Access. If you find yourself repeating the same tasks, I can help.
I can integrate the Microsoft Office products to work together at the click of a button.

My credentials:
- Experienced PC hardware technician
- Certified Microsoft Trainer and expert in Windows, Excel, and Access
- Author of integrated Access/Excel/Word applications used by international companies
- Programmer in multiple languages, including the Microsoft Office products
- Taught the Executive Vice President of Microsoft how to use Microsoft Access

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