What have I done for your neighbors?

When Joe couldn't connect his wireless laptop to the internet but his wife could connect hers,
he called the "professional" geeks.
They said "it's probably viruses and spyware, for $270 we'll look at it."
Joe called me. Ten minutes and one configuration change later, he was on the internet.
Then I cleaned his laptop of viruses and spyware.
And installed more memory.
And updated his software.
And tuned his computer.
And charged less than they quoted him, including the cost of the memory.

Susan, Brian, and teenage daughters
After their hard drive crashed they brought it to some "professional" geeks who couldn't fix it
They sold and installed a new hard drive for them, recovering some of Susan's and Brian's stuff.
The teenagers' stuff was "unrecoverable".
Then they gave the drive to me.
I recovered hundred's of girls' pictures, school work, and prized personal files.
And 5 GB worth of iTunes. That's over a thousand songs.
Then I reconditioned the old drive, added it back in as a spare, and set it up as a backup drive.
It's working fine now.

Louise's DSL modem worked with her computer, but not with her wireless router.
The wireless router worked with the computer, but not when attached to the DSL modem.
Each component worked, but failed to work together.
So the DSL people blamed it on the router, and the router people blamed it on the modem.
And Louise's wireless home network still didn't work.
To be fair, the DSL people were willing to replace her router.
For $85 an hour. Plus a $100 Service Fee. Plus the cost of a new router.
Louise called me.
Without replacing anything, they now all work and play well together, and Louise can work from her back porch.
Incidentally, the new router wouldn't have worked either, at which time they would have said, 
"you'll have to erase everything and start over".

Three active brothers
Their computers have been through everything.
Unable to connect to the internet. Ridiculously slow. Spontaneously shutting down.
I was able to fix them. Without erasing everything and starting over.

The retired couple
They added a webcam to their computer so they could see their grandkids.
In time, the computer slowed down. I mean really slow. Ten minutes just to start it.
Turns out the hard drive was bad, so they did need to get a new one and start over.
But they still didn't lose anything. I copied it off and put it all back. Now it boots in seconds.

What can I do for you??

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