Do you really need a smarter geek?
I mean, after all, you just want your computer to work, right?
You don't want confusing explanations.
And you don't want to lose any of your stuff.
And you don't want to spend too much money.
And wouldn't it be nice if someone spoke to you in plain English?

Don't be fooled by
"It can't be fixed. We have to erase everything and start over"!

They really mean, "it will take more time to fix it than we care to work on it".
And at their rates, it will take more money than you want to pay.
Fixing your computer the right way takes time and effort.
So they take the easy path to the quick solution.
They charge you to erase everything and start over,
because you have no other choice.


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And Get Out Of The House!

- PC Hardware Technician
- Microsoft Office Expert
- Microsoft Windows Expert
- Certified Microsoft Trainer
- Microsoft Office Programmer

If you have ever thought
"there has to be a better way",
there probably is!
I'll help you find it.
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Authorized distributor of
I Am Big Brother
Monitoring software for your PC
Keep your kids safe!
See what family members
or employees
are doing while you're not there.

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