Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really need to erase everything, reformat my hard drive, and start over?
A: Probably not. Nearly all problems can be fixed without losing what you already have.

Q: Then why did they tell me that was the only way to fix it?
A: It's the most cost effective solution for them. Proper diagnosis takes time. Fixing it without losing anything takes even longer.
     If it takes 10 hours to fix it the right way, the repair charge would be more than the cost of a new computer and not worth it.
     Like when the transmission goes on an old car.

Q: Suppose I don't want to erase my pictures/music/personal stuff?
A: Call me. I have experience diagnosing PC problems and will take the time to fix it right.

Q: Can you teach me how to copy pictures/burn disks/use my computer?
A: Yes. I have trained hundreds of people in the Lehigh Valley. I understand computers and know how to explain things in plain English.

Q: Can you teach me how to use Excel, Access, Word, and other Office products?
A: Yes! I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and an expert at Excel and Access.
     I taught the Executive Vice President of Microsoft how to use Access!

Q: I do the same thing every day in Excel (or another Office product). Is there a way to do it automatically?
A: Yes. The Office products have a programming language (also called "macros") you can use to automate almost anything.
     I can do it for you, or teach you haw to do it yourself.

Q: What do you charge?
A: It depends on what you need. I give customized, personal service tailored to solve your problems. Call or email for details.

Q: Did you really teach Access to the Executive Vice President of Microsoft??
A: Yes. And I customized the material to give him exactly what he needed. I'll do that for you too.



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